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As a leading catering provider in Singapore, with a passion to be at the forefront of the vibrant F&B business, we continually innovate to deliver fresh and tasty food concepts to serve all market segments.

our catering brands

Neo Garden

Neo Garden

No.1 Household Brand
Neo Garden is Neo Group’s award-winning flagship catering brand. It has grown to become a leading household name since it first started in 1992. The brand has accompanied many families through their major milestones in life – baby first-months, birthdays, anniversaries, festive occasions. And it continues to be a part of their lives for many generations to come.

Orange Clove

Orange Clove

No.1 Corporate Catering
Known for innovating definitive catering experiences, Orange Clove has established a strong foothold, leading the mid-to-high-end segment. Corporate customers appreciate the brand for its event conceptualisation services, as well as its exquisite East-West fusion menu and meticulous setups. Not only that, Orange Clove has also teamed up with partners from the wedding industry to execute dream weddings for brides and grooms-to-be as it expands to reach more audiences.

Deli Hub

Deli Hub

Deli Hub is a halal-certified caterer that corporate customers trust. Its expertise in corporate catering is evident in the comprehensive suite of services it provides. Deli Hub understands that business comes first in the workplace. That’s why it’s always working to make its services even more seamless, convenient and value-for-money for its customers

Liang Yuan


Liang Yuan is the master of Chinese artistry. It imbues any event with an air of elegance, and serves contemporary Chinese classics made with only the finest ingredients. It’s the go-to brand for anyone looking to revel in the heart of Chinese hospitality.

Best Catering


Best Catering brings value to catering. The brand is known for its affordable tingkat subscription plans that put nutritious home-cooked meals on the tables of busy families. Its fuss-free buffet packages are also very popular with customers looking for a value-for-money option to hold their celebrations.

Gourmetz Catering


No.1 Elderly & Childcare Catering
Gourmetz specialises in catering for elderly, student and childcare centres. Because of its unique demographic, the brand dedicates extra time to designing halal-certified menus that are healthy, nutritious and palatable for the young and old. With Gourmetz, wholesome food can also be very delicious.

Kim Paradise


No.1 Tingkat Brand
Kim Paradise is the largest home-cooked meals delivery company in Singapore. Customers love the brand for its nutritious meals with a focus on promoting wellness and healing. Today, Kim Paradise serves over thousands of people daily, with many subscribing to its popular ‘Healthful’ meals and confinement packages.

Savoury Catering


Savoury Catering believes in using only fresh, local produce in its tingkat subscription meals. Producing healthy food is priority. And it takes care to use only natural ingredients with less oil and salt in their food. Together with an interesting menu featuring modern takes on traditional recipes, Savoury Catering is fast becoming a popular choice with health-conscious families and working professionals.

Chilli Manis


Chilli Manis is a vibrant caterer serving authentic Peranakan dishes. The matriarch behind it is Madam Serene Hoh, who is also the founder of heritage Rajah Inn Restaurant. She spent over 36 years perfecting her recipes and her aromatic and flavourful dishes are what keeps customers coming back for more.

Lavish Dine


LAVISH promises an opulent catering experience. It’s fine dining, catered. Guests can look forward to tasting exquisite creations from award-winning chefs while attentive service ambassadors pamper them as they mingle. Royalties, foreign dignitaries and international celebrities are some of the guests the brand has attended to. So if anyone’s looking to cater luxury, it has to be LAVISH.



La’Bonnie is a showstopper with their stunning dessert table creations. Founded by a trio of passionate pastry chefs with years of hotel and restaurant training under their aprons, it’s no wonder they bring such delicate artistry and five-star expertise to the (dessert) table. When they’re not busy sculpting decadent artworks, they also dish out delicate pastries that never fail to put a smile on their guests’ faces.

How’s Catering


How’s Catering is a trusted halal-certified brand that has the scale and capability to take on any function and occasion, serving diversified menus to suit their clientele needs. From corporate events to weddings to baby showers and full-service buffets – How’s does it all. Impeccably.

CaterCo Concepts


CaterCo Concepts offers a glimpse to the future of catering. Bringing together all of Neo Group’s expertise – F&B, events management, hospitality – CaterCo is an integrated platform that gives customers the freedom to design an event that truly caters to them. No third parties involved. Just CaterCo from start to end. As a brand of the future, CaterCo is also particular about sustainability and uses only sustainable materials for its events

Madam Kim


Madam Kim specialises in quality, traditional Chinese confinement recipes prepared by specialist chefs with over a decade of experience for home delivery. Tailored with reconditioning and revitalising the body in mind, the nutritious confinement meals provide optimal postnatal nourishment for a recovering mother.

HotPot Master


HotPot Master takes the hassle out of hotpot parties by delivering the entire restaurant experience to its customers – from setup to clean-up, with fresh ingredients, nourishing soup bases and lots of condiments in between. This fuss-free experience is a hit amongst families and business associates who wants to bond with their counterparts over good food. Minus the trouble. And HotPot Master is an excellent choice.