Supplies & Trading

Having a Food Trading arm has given Neo Group better control over its cost and quality, and at the same time, enabled the Group to be self-reliant.


NKK Import & Export Trading

NKK wholesales and distributes food products, equipment and disposable packaging locally and overseas. It’s Neo Group’s main procurement arm and oversees much of the Group’s supply chain efforts. More recently, NKK has expanded its range of sustainable packaging to encourage the uptake of eco-friendly products amongst its customers as it drums up its efforts to transform the industry into a more circular one.

CTVeg Group

CT Vegetables & Fruits

Established in 1991, CTVeg Group is one of the largest fruits and vegetables trader in Singapore. It carries over 300 varieties of fruits and vegetables, and trades with over 12 countries including China, India and New Zealand. Other than supplying fresh produce to our brands, CT Group also serves external customers like cruise ships and ship chandlers.

Hi-Q Global


Hi-Q specialises in plastic packaging manufacturing. Established in 2008 in Johor, Malaysia, the brand produces high quality, customised, thermoformed plastic trays that are highly sought after by customers in various industries including food, electronics, medical and consumer products.

ER Group

ER Group wholesales fresh agriculture products, raw condiments, fruits and vegetables and is one of the largest importers and exporters in Singapore. Established in 2003, the brand stocks over 50 different kinds of food products including garlic, potatoes and rice, and supplies them to retailers like supermarkets and food factories. It is also the group’s sourcing arm and is engaged in the business of importing and trading of frozen meat products