Food Manufacturing

To support the logistic needs of its Food Catering and Food Retail businesses, Neo Group relies on its Food Manufacturing and Food & Supplies businesses for ingredients and materials. This ensures that its kitchens receive its supplies in the most timely and cost-efficient manner.

TS Group

No.1 Fishball Manufacturer
Established in 1976, TS Group is the largest fish ball manufacturer, distributor and retailer of surimi-based (minced fish paste) seafood products in Singapore. With over decades of industry experience, the group manufactures over 60 types of surimi-based products and exports them to countries around the world - including Australia, Belgium, Canada and China. It’s also the managing group behind DoDo – Singapore’s favourite fish ball brand.


DoDo's fishballs are known for its fresh taste and the goodness of its bite, with the perfect texture and bounciness that Singaporeans have come to love and enjoy.