competitive strengths

Integrated Value Chain

Strategic Synergy For Greater Value

Each of the Group’s divisions synergise seamlessly to form a strong value chain, resulting in cost savings and promoting efficiency and quality consistency. Our Food and Catering Supplies Business supports the logistic needs of the Central Kitchen (East & West) and Food Manufacturing departments. By sourcing ingredients and materials directly from manufacturers and distributors, it ensures that our kitchens serves our Food Catering and Food Retail businesses receive the freshest, most economical and quality-consistent supplies.

We also supply ingredients and Japanese food products to third parties. Under our new Food Trading arm, CT Vegetables supplies fruits and vegetables to global clients like cruises and industrial ships, on top of our in-house brands.

Food Empire

Brands That You Grew Up With

Neo Group Limited’s stable of brands reach out to audiences across a wide spectrum, in Singapore and beyond. Under its Food Catering Business, its four brands Neo Garden, Orange Clove, Deli Hub and Best Catering supply buffets to generations of Singaporeans, with a diverse menus and prices to suit every occasion from private parties to corporate events and community functions. Best Catering also runs a daily “tingkat” meal delivery.

The Food Retail Business runs 25 umisushi outlets across Singapore, popular for its affordable quick-service Japanese fare. Japanese drinking and dining establishment issho izakaya serves up an extensive range of izakaya favourites at its two branches, while NANAMI UDON specializes in hot and cold udon and crispy Japanese Tempura.

For a local flavour, Kang Kar No 1 Noodles whips up healthy bowls of Fish Mince Noodles. For Western food lovers, LJJ Café is the place to go. Enjoy all-day breakfast sets accompanied by a cup of coffee. In addition, our Choz Confectionery provides chic and yummy Wedding and Baby’s Full Month cake packages as well as takeaway nonya kueh platters and party snacks. Not forgetting DoDo, Singapore’s best-loved fish ball brand, which is manufactured by our subsidiary Thong Siek and has been a household name since the 1970’s.

Expanding beyond F&B, the Group also operates an online flowers and gifts portal, I DO Flowers & Gifts, and Neo Star, a premium chartering service for yachts.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Innovation In Every Bite

A firm believer in constant innovation, Neo Group Limited invests in technology in both the kitchens and offices, so as to improve productivity and maintain our high standards. We are among the first to use specialised equipment to cook our main courses. Customized software connects our sales, logistics and kitchen departments, allowing us to accurately forecast our ingredients needed on a daily basis. The result: Greater efficiency from food preparation to delivery, and reduction in food wastage.

Global Network

Bringing The Singapore Brand To The World

The first of Neo Group Limited’s brands to go global, Thong Siek ships to more than 20 countries. With an ever-expanding product range, our Research & Development team continually concocts up exciting new items to tantalise taste buds. CT Vegetables & Fruits, supplies the freshest produce of more than 300 varieties to over 12 countries. It continues to expand its global distribution network and customer base.