Neo Group Limited

Established since 1992, Neo Group Limited possesses an award-winning track record and is one of the most recognised food & beverage brands in Singapore.

Our Promise

Listed on SGX since July 2012, Neo Group provides customers with end-to-end food and catering solutions through a comprehensive suite of capabilities and service offerings under five business segments – Food Catering, Food Retail, Food Manufacturing, Food Trading and Food & Catering Supplies.

As one of Singapore’s most recognized brand names, Neo Group Limited takes pride in its unwavering commitment to our customers: To uphold the highest standards, from the quality of ingredients, to bringing customers the most personable service experience.

Food Catering Business


Under its Food Catering Business, the Group operates four brands namely, Neo Garden, Orange Clove, Deli Hub and Best Catering. All four brands supply buffets spanning a wide variety of styles and prices, to suit a diverse range of occasions, from private to corporate to community functions. In addition, Best Catering offers daily meal delivery services to customers. more info

Food Retail


Neo Group currently operates a chain of 30 food retail outlets across Singapore. umisushi serves a variety of high-quality Japanese food at affordable prices at convenient locations. The Group also operates issho izakaya, a Japanese drinking and dining establishment and NANAMI UDON, which offers favourite Japanese Tempura and Udon meals at great value and convenience. Recently, the Group opened LJJ Café and Kang Kar No.1 Noodles. Choz Confectionery offers confectionery for traditional Chinese wedding packages, full-month celebration cakes and an assortment of biscuits for every occasion. more info

Food Trading

CT Vegetables & Fruits

Under the food trading segment, CT Vegetables & Fruits (CTVeg) enhances Neo Group’s offerings, catering fully to the Group’s fruit and vegetable needs. This enables Neo Group to be a self-reliant business entity. more info

Food Manufacturing / Food & Catering Supplies

NKK Import & Export Trading

To support the logistic needs of its Food Catering and Food Retail businesses, Neo Group relies on its Food Manufacturing and Food & Supplies arms, NKK Import & Export Trading and Thong Siek (TS), for the sourcing of ingredients and materials. This ensures that its kitchens receive its supplies in the most timely and cost-efficient manner. more info

Other Services


Aside to its dealing in food, Neo Group brings to the table other offerings that complete its suite of services; Choz Confectionery that completes any baby full-month and wedding celebration with its assortment of cakes, and I Do Flowers & Gifts that provides a variety of floral arrangements, hampers and gifts for various occasions. more info