Frequently Asked Questions

Yacht & Facilities

1. What are the things we need to know about the yachts?

Yacht Name Size Max Capacity Location
PassionOne 40 feet 18 pax ONE°15 Marina Club
Silverton Convertible 39 feet
12 pax Marina at Keppel Bay
Sea Duction 44 feet 20 pax Marina at Keppel Bay
Fountaine Pajot 46 feet 18 pax Marina at Keppel Bay
Kingdom 53 feet 35 pax ONE°15 Marina Club

2. What are the facilities in each yacht?
You can check out the details of the yacht's facilities and pictures in each individual yacht page.

Cruises, Events and Alongside Charters

1. What activities can we do on the yacht?

We offer various schedule to meet your different needs!

For family and sea lovers: Embark on an island hopping adventure to the great southern islands of Singapore such as Lazurus Island, Kusu Island, St. John Island and The Sisters' Island. You may swim, snorkel or even do some fishing for a fun-filled day.

For friends gatherings: We will take you to the Lazurus Island and you can spend some time swimming and having fun, eating and playing kite there!

For corporate functions: Go island hopping to the southern islands of Singapore in the evening and cruise along Marina Bay area to marvel at the great sights of Singapore skyline against the dusk sky. Have some time networking and talking to your colleagues as we bring you to the calm water by St. John island.

For couples: You can also visit Singapore southern islands for a fun in the sun and enjoy the skyline of Singapore. Have a romantic dinner and enjoy the fireworks display from “Songs of the Sea” as we take you to Sentosa to end a memorable night.

2. Where does the cruise go?
Visit Destinations Page for more details.

3. Will there be any food provided?
The charter rates does not include food or beverages, we are specialized in catering and have a list of tailored menus available for your choice. Click here for menu.

4. Are we allowed to bring our own food and drinks on the yacht?
See our table below for pricing:

Yacht Name Loading Fee
(Bring Your Own Food)
Corkage Fee
(Bring Your Own Drinks)
PassionOne 200 SGD 100 SGD
Silverton Convertible 200 SGD
100 SGD
Sea Duction 200 SGD 100 SGD
Fountaine Pajot 200 SGD 100 SGD
Kingdom 200 SGD 100 SGD

Bookings and Payments

1. What are the payment options available?
Currently we only accept credit card and cheque payment. Please make 50% deposit of the charter upon reservation and the balance upon CONFIRMATION or 7 days prior to the cruise.

2. How do I secure a booking?
Booking is only considered confirmed when we receive the 50% non-refundable deposit. Call us to place a booking.

3. How will I know that my preferred charter date and time is confirmed?
Upon receipt of your deposit, you will receive an email confirmation with the Approval Code for your payment and the Arrival Procedure for you to board the yacht.

4. My date is not firmed yet. Can I make a tentative booking?
Yes, you can. However, you may lose your slot if another customer is ready to place a deposit on the same charter date.

5. What if I decided to cancel my reservation?
The payment is non-refundable but with mutual agreement it may be rescheduled to another date.

Feel free to contact us at 6833 7958 within working hours (9am-6pm) for more details! We are happy to assist you!