Food retail

To cater to the dynamic Food & Beverage trend in Singapore, the Food Retail segment under Neo Group Limited is growing its network of quick-service and restaurant dining options through a balance of innovative concepts, food quality and excellent service standards.

our retail brands


umi sushi

The umisushi retail chain, serves a variety of Japanese food including sushi, bento, udon and salad, at great convenience and affordable prices appealing to students, young families and office crowd.

With 19 outlets island-wide as of 31 May 2018, it also offers home and corporate delivery via its easy-to-use ecommerce portal –

umisushi constantly explores creative ways to make its food more appealing to the younger generation. Seasonal and healthier-choice products such as umi Poke Bowl and brown rice option are also introduced in the retail outlets to create new and pleasurable experiences and promote healthier eating.

The food retail chain is being supported by Neo Group’s strong central kitchen that delivers supplies twice daily. New equipment and technology are implemented to improve consistency and speed of service.


Nanami Udon

Launched in June 2014, NANAMI UDON is located in the heart of Singapore’s central business district, serving udon and tempura sets to professionals. The store utilises a special equipment from Japan that is able to cook udon noodles within 20 seconds, ensuring consistency in the noodles’ texture and reducing customers’ waiting time.

issho izakaya

issho izakaya

The Group’s first drinking and dining establishment, issho izakaya, offers Japanese-French fusion cuisine through an extensive menu featuring fresh and high-quality ingredients flown in directly from Japan. Coupled with an omakase menu and a wide range of sake, shochu and beers, the contemporary ambience and lively banter with the sashimi chef has been well-received since its launch in July 2014.

DoDo Express

lljj cafe

Newly launched in May 2018, DoDo Express is a grab-and-go concept that serves fresh and piping hot DoDo’s signature seafood items such as premium fish ball, cheese tofu fish cake and other ready-to-eat meals like fried bee hoon and fish ball soup.

Consumers can now enjoy the familiar and yummy taste of DoDo’s products at great convenience and affordable prices at DoDo Express food kiosks.

Kang Kar Noodles

Kang Kar No 1 Noodles

Launched in November 2015, Kang Kar Noodles offers value-for-money traditional minced fish noodles, a healthier choice compared to minced meat

Nestled in one of Singapore’s oldest estates – Circuit Road, Kang Kar Noodles also plays an active role in giving back to the society with its “Gift a Free Meal / Drink” initiative to serve warm meals to the underprivileged community

Joo Chiat Kim Choo

Joo Chiat Kim Choo

With a heritage of over 20 years, Joo Chiat Kim Choo offers a reminiscent taste of family and home with its traditional rice dumplings. With an emphasis on authentic flavours in a recipe passed down from generations, Joo Chiat Kim Choo rice dumplings are distinguished by the use of the finest ingredients and its contemporary interpretation of an eternal tradition. Joo Chiat Kim Choo flagship store was moved to Fook Hai Building in July 2017, serving its signature rice dumplings to the office crowd and nearby residents. Joo Chiat Kim Choo rice dumplings are also available island-wide in Singapore at various coffee shops, hawker centers and shopping malls.