Liew Choh Khing

Executive Director (Food Retail)

Mr Liew Choh Khing was appointed to the Board on 1 May 2012 and last re-elected on 30 July 2015. He oversees the business and sales development strategies of the Group’s Food Retail business and is instrumental in the development and expansion of this business segment.

Mr Liew has more than a decade of F&B experience and another 8 years of sales and marketing experience. Mr Liew opened the first Niwa Sushi food retail outlet in 2007, which was subsequently rebranded to “umisushi” in 2010. Under his leadership, the number of quick service retail outlets has grown into a chain of 25 umisushi outlets, 2 issho izakaya outlets and 1 licensed outlet in Jakarta and 1 outlet of NANAMI UDON, LJJ Café as at 31 March 2016. The retail division has also added a full-fledged Japanese restaurant to its portfolio in July 2014 – issho izakaya and a newly-opened family concept restaurant in April 2016. He joined our Group in 2004 as an Executive Director of Deli Hub Catering and was subsequently appointed the Executive Director of the Food Retail business, comprising H-cube and Niwa Sushi, upon their respective incorporation.

Having started the Central Kitchen in 2008, he played a pivotal role in the planning and organising of the kitchen operations as well as the logistic planning for delivery. Leveraging on automation and technology is the thrust to Mr Liew’s focus and strategy to improve production and staff efficiency. Seizing the potential in delivery market, Mr Liew launched the delivery service of ‘umisushi’ bento sets and sushi platters for corporate functions, family events and parties in 2010. He also oversees the food R&D with his chefs to create special recipes for sauces and new dishes to offer customers new menu items.